Interview: Pat Flynn

Have heart adalah band modern hardcore yang berasal dari Boston, USA. Mereka sempat bermain di Southeast Asia untuk seisi world tour mereka sebelum berpecah selepas itu. Ini adalah interview Have Heart bersama dengan AMP magazine.

Nice interview.

You guys played your last show on October 17th, 2009. What’s been going on for you personally since then?

It’s been a rather rough year. My father passed away early on in 2010 and my life kind of got put on hold. I had to move back with my mom and, you know, things haven’t really gotten any better, things just kind of stopped getting worse and they were getting worse and worse for a while; but I’m getting back on my feet and currently I’m a substitute teacher in Roxbury, Massachusetts, which is a borough of the Boston area. I’m applying for grad school in Education of History.

I’m sorry to hear about your father, man. That’s cool that that you’re going to be a teacher. I actually plan on becoming one myself in a few years. Do you know what’s been going on with the other guys in the band? Are any of them doing any other bands or doing anything with their lives right now?

Yeah. Ryan, our guitarist, I’m in this other band called WOLF WHISTLE, and he played with us for a while. He played on a song called “Massachusetts Glory”, but he’s moving to Richmond, Virginia this weekend. Briggs is in kind of a folk band and then he’s also in a post-hardcore band with some other guys. Kei is a personal trainer and a freelance graphic design artist. He lives in New York City at the moment. Sean Costa and I have started a band. We don’t really have a name for it, but we’re just happy to play music together. Some of the New Bedford guys and my friend Jim and I got something in the DC style.

Right now for you, you’re pretty much dividing your time between substitute teaching, you’ve got college too, WOLF WHISTLE, and then the other band you’re doing while trying to lead a normal life at the same time. Since HAVE HEART has broken up, I’ve heard of like three other bands involving you, other than the ones you mentioned. I heard there was something that was going to happen with one of the guys from SHIPWRECK, there was something that was going to happen with one of the dudes from THE FIRST STEP, and then, I don’t know if this is true or not but if it is, that would be awesome, FUCK DRUGS with some of the dudes from CEREMONY and PAINT IT BLACK, I think.  Now, are those going to happen eventually or is that just speculation, people talking and stuff like that?

In the long run, me and JD from SHIPWRECK are planning on doing a band. That’s like years down the road though. I do these bands just because it’s been like the first year of my life not really playing shows or anything like that, and I’ve kind of come to terms that with the few shows WOLF WHISTLE played and with the turmoil of my life this past year, I’ve found that being artistic and being creative and expressing yourself is so, so vital to growth as a person, and hardcore for me, I’ve been involved with hardcore for over ten years, it’s a part of my character. I believe in it and it’s done so much for me in my personal life and my social life. There are just so many reasons that I can’t really abandon it. I don’t think I’ll ever do a band ever that will really hit the road as hard as HAVE HEART did. I’m more focused on my family and my social life, my career, getting my Masters in history and English, those are my top important things, but in order to keep me going I need some sort of outlet. More than just an outlet, I need some sort of expression. Hardcore is such a great form of personal expression. It keeps me going, and it keeps me going with all of my other goals like school and my personal relationships. It’s kind of like going running every day. It’s important to exercise because it keeps the body and the mind fresh.  Playing in a band can be just as vital. But yes, all of these bands are just for fun. I don’t think they’re meant to be taken seriously in the same way that HAVE HEART was. I would still believe in them and I would all of my effort into doing these bands, but I don’t think we’d be playing out too often because once I start grad school, I’m never going to be available really. It’s just to have so we can play every now and then. I’m not interested in getting a huge fan base and some aspects of that kind of turn me off. We’re just trying to keep things low key.

HAVE HEART’s last show, Bridge 9 is putting that out on LP and DVD on November 23rd. At what point did you guys decide to do a last show DVD?

Well, we really wanted to film our last show. What Bridge 9 is putting out is actually not the full deal, it’s just the last show. I’ve been working on this HAVE HEART band video biography type of thing because we’ve got footage from our first practice to our last show. Before the idea of just putting out just the last show came out and marking it off as just a listening experience as opposed to a visual, that was originally part of the video biography. The video bio thing is going to have footage from the last show, just like at a different angle, and it’s going to have all of the bands that played the last show and it’s also going to feature all of the footage from 2002 to 2009 for Have Heart, and there’s going to be a lot of stuff before 2002 because we’re trying to make it like a 2000’s era of hardcore documentary type thing but through the perspective of HAVE HEART.  We’ve got all of this footage of bands that we’ve toured with and it just so happens that we toured with a lot of other important bands from the era and others that came before us. We’re trying to get this documentary of 2000’s era hardcore but just through Have Heart’s experiences because it’s got a lot of footage from us on tour with other various bands and whatnot. The thing that is coming is just the last show, which is great, they did a good job of making it look really great, but to me, it’s still a minimal piece of the pie of what’s left to come out.

That actually sounds really awesome. Do you know when that’s going to see  the light of the day? Is that being worked on right now?

I’ve got to get done with graduate applications, I kind of put everything on hold back in March after my father passed. So I’m getting back to the application stuff in December and I wouldn’t start graduate school until June, so that would give me from December to June to get back to working on it. It’s probably thirty to forty percent of the way through so it’s still got a bit left, but it’s going to have interviews and footage from everyone from MADBALL to, I dunno, MIND ERASER, so it’s going to be widespread in terms of where we’re touching. It will be well worth the wait. It will have everything from everything from when we started going to shows in like 1999 to the last note we played on October 17th, 2009.

That definitely sounds awesome and I know a lot of people are going to want to check that out when it comes out. Bridge 9 is obviously to be putting out represses and new merch for you guys for years to come, but will this DVD be the last thing we see or hear from HAVE HEART? Is that the final nail in the coffin, it’s done, or is there the possibility of anything else happening in the future?

That DVD will be the last posthumous thing to come out, but HAVE HEART is never getting back together again. We’re all great friends, we still hang out and we still call each other, but we’re not playing that game. Other bands get back together and that’s just their deal, but to us everything seemed so perfect. To go back would be an attempt…it would be tainting it, you know? And I think this whole big reunion craze of the 2000’s era, a lot of those reunion shows for those bands were crazy, they were just wild, but people a lot of people need to take into consideration is that a lot of those bands who have reformed, gotten back together and have a big party reunion type of thing, they broke up and they didn’t get, you know, the response…a band like Trial, they get back together, and I think they actually broke up before Are These Our Lives? came out. So, when they came back, it was huge because everybody loved that record, but a lot of these bands that have reformed, back in the day, they just didn’t get the recognition that they wanted to. Their fanbase grew after they disbanded, so it kind of made sense for them to get back together, and if that’s what people want to keep doing, I totally understand that, but HAVE HEART, for us, everything was perfect. To come back and play another show would be to taint this perfect thing we had, like how we said goodbye to everybody. And I even think it would taint the memories of the kids who came out to that show and shared that moment. Not that it’s any less special to some kid who’s just watching us, but every show counted to us and we want to keep it this way and hold true to that. You can mark my words on that. We were all in the same room a while ago and people were joking about us playing or something like that, but that’s just something that’s really never going to happen.

That actually makes sense. I think I’ve heard, or read rather, interviews with Ian MacKaye and he pretty much uses the same reasons for MINOR THREAT and why they would never do another show ever again. Just because it ruins the legacy.

Yeah. It’s not even so much about preserving the legacy. It’s more of the memory to us, you know. We want to foster that memory because that’s all we have left at the end of the day and we don’t want to fuck around with tainting that.

For sure. You guys, your last tour was ridiculously long, for a hardcore band or not. Many people won’t get to go to the places you went to. You toured all over the world and I know a lot of people who think that twenty or thirty years from now, when they think of hardcore this decade, people are going to think about HAVE HEART as one of the first bands that pop into their head. There was something in you guys that the old, jaded hardcore guys could connect to, and then on the other hand I know a lot of people who don’t listen to hardcore and don’t know anything about it and they fell in love with you guys while you were around. To my understanding, it seems like HAVE HEART broke up because it became entirely all of your lives, so, under those circumstances, would you do it all again or would you do anything differently?

There’s little things I would do differently. Little things like the recording of The Things We Carry. That was our first time for any of us being in like a real studio, looking back on it, we didn’t even need a real studio. We could have just had our friends do it. I wish we didn’t record The Things We Carry where we recorded it because a lot of the songs lost their raw feel to them in the recording since it’s such a clean, polished recording compared to when we were writing them in the practice space. They weren’t clean sounding, they were kind of like jabbing to the throat. But it was cool because we were really young. I was like 18 or 19, when we did that record it was a while ago. I wish we wouldn’t have not been swindled, or not swindled, but fascinated with this sound that I don’t even feel to be emblematic of hardcore. It’s all little things like that, but in the big picture, I wouldn’t change a thing. I wish we had gotten the right visas so we could have played in Ukraine, but we could screwed over with that. But big picture, I wouldn’t change anything. I’m very happy with how we started, how we maintained ourselves, how we came across to people, we were always very honest, and I’m very happy with how we ended.

Final question, who do you think people should be checking out now? It doesn’t have to be hardcore; it can be anything that you think people should check out.

I think that DC has such a great history of hardcore. I mean, I’m not a huge fan of all of Dischord’s collection, but I’d say everything from ’79 to maybe ’93 or ’94, bands like LUNGFISH, there are some really good bands from the DC area. They’re not so focused on the rough and tough masculine based idea of hardcore, but because they’re not focused on that, it gets tossed into this kind of, you know, there’s that hardcore vibe that kids can’t get into get into because it doesn’t appeal to that animalistic “I’m a man” type of thing. That type of stuff is so backwards. As that sound approached hardcore, the numbers in hardcore went down. The attendance went down. People get turned off by that because not everybody can enjoy it. I also feel like there’s this swagger in hardcore where, you know, everybody’s pissed off at each other. You don’t need to be happy-go-lucky, but I don’t necessarily hate people in hardcore really. But I don’t come off as I’m pissed off or I hate everybody. All of the DC bands to be had a pragmatic, genuine feel to them, all of the early and 80’s, late 80’s and early 90’s bands. I would recommend to any kid to check out DC hardcore because I think that whole New York, the 90’s New York hardcore sound, is so overplayed. I love New York hardcore, but when you drive it into the ground, it just loses its appeal.


Sumber: AMP Magazine


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